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here it is: znap - "Boa Boa"!
A big thank you to Ju Aichinger (Cover Design), Flo Widhalm (scope audio), Wolfgang Bankl, Paul Urbanek, Marianne Mendt, SKE Fonds, Stadt Wien and Waschsalon Records!

Cover design © Ju Aichinger


The music of Znap, it seems, is conceived from rhythm: it develops from intricate, surprisingly changing grooves, which give the thematic melodies an idiosyncratic, unorthodox spin and yet always give room to cool swinging sensuality. And despite all the technical sophistication, and the contrasting dramaturgies that characterize the individual pieces, the music seems compact and coherent – as if Leonhard Skorupa, Gregor Aufmesser and Lukas Aichinger had not just joined forces to form Znap in Vienna in 2017, but had done so while sitting in the sandbox decades prior. - Andreas Felber

Leohard Skorupa: reeds
Lukas Aichinger: drums
Gregor Aufmesser: double bass



29.07.22 Kirchberg am Wagram, Galerie Augenblick
21.11.22 Graz, tube´s
22.11.22 Wels, musikwerkstatt
23.11.22 Vienna, Alte Schmiede


08.06.22 Vienna, Galerie Mana
17.02.22 Vienna, KlangTheater ORF Funkhaus
05.11.21 Dresden, blue note
04.11.21 Chemnitz, Cafe Weltecho
11.09.21 Bad Vöslau, hobiRaum
14.12.20 Vienna, Porgy&Bess as znap extended
01.11.20 Berlin, Jazz am Helmholtzplatz
31.10.20 Pohrsdorf, Saxstall
28.10.20 Vienna, Miles Smiles
22.10.20 Cormons, Jazz&Wine of Peace Festival
04.06.20 Linz, Galerie Brunnhofer/Kunsthaus Hafenstraße
22.01.20 Vienna, shizzle Hernals/Kulturcafe Max
26.10.19 Vienna, blue tomato
07.03.19 Steyr, Jazz Jam röda
02.03.19 Linz, Obn living room concert
01.03.19 Bad Ischl, Matinee@Bundesrealgymnasium Bad Ischl
28.02.19 Bad Ischl, Jazzfreunde Bad Ischl
19.02.19 Salzburg, Jazzit
01.12.18 Brno, Central European Jazz Competition Finals, Club Alterna
09.11.18 Vienna, Cafe Gagarin (supporting „The Van Allen Belt“)
08.11.18 Vienna, mdw – Anton von Webern-Platz 1
14.04.18 Vienna, „homo digitalis“ release Show, blue tomato
10.04.18 Salzburg, Jazzit
18.12.17 Vienna, Schwarzberg
17.10.17 Linz, Kasperkeller
10.10.17 Vienna, Loop
23.05.17 Vienna, Tachles
29.04.17 Vienna, Zwe


Boa Boa

Produced by Znap 2021
Mix & Mastering: Florian Widhalm, scopeaudio.com

Artwork and photos by Ju Aichinger

1,3,4 composed by Leonhard Skorupa
Tracks 7,8,10,11,13,14,15,16 composed by Lukas Aichinger
Tracks 3,5,12 composed by Gregor Aufmesser
Track 9 composed by znap

homo digitalis

Produced by Znap 2018
Mix & Mastering: Florian Widhalm, scopeaudio.com

Artwork and photos by Julia Aichinger
Cover model – Veronika Griesmayr

1,2,7,9 composed by Leonhard Skorupa
Tracks 3 & 5 composed by Lukas Aichinger
Tracks 4 & 6 composed by Gregor Aufmesser
Track 8 composed by znap



znap blue tomato
znap Bandfoto
znap live linz
znap studiofoto
znap bandfoto sw

#1 © Lu Pa, #2+5 © Theresa Pewal, #3 © aar Linz, #4 © Leonhard Skorupa


"Znap […] shows an affinity for rogue, ridicule and allotria. The humor does not become excessive, however, and “Die Ode an die Freunderlwirtschaft” turns out to be a darkly tinged, melancholy, wandering piece that brings back memories of the great US jazz musician Jimmy Giuffre, who would recently have turned 100." - Stadtzeitung Falter on Boa Boa

"Really interesting trio - characterized by that rather broken rhythm and the constant shifting between genres and melodies." - Peter Slavid, ukjazz

"znap are well-versed in jazz history and have used that knowledge to fuel their interactions in group improvisations. The music has a little quirk too." - Maurice Hogue, One Man´s Jazz

"No reverent conservatives of tradition are at work here. Rather, znap aim for an original commentary on jazz – or perhaps on current affairs, which is impressive all by itself." — CONCERTO-Magazin

„An unpronounceable band called Z_N_A_P {…], a really quirky and creative trio” - Modern jazz across Europe, ukjazz

“Lukas Aichinger, Gregor Aufmesser and Leonhard Skorupa leave the musically commonplace behind on “Homo Digitalis” and, with their style, lay exciting bridges to a truly thrilling listening experience.” - Michael Ternai, mica

“Znap continues the tradition of the classic trio (Rollins, Coleman et al.) convincingly. Titles such as "Elegy to Laissez-faire Economics" or "Schwarz/Blau" are unquestionably to be understood as political statements. As long as agit jazz is so smooth and cultivated, catchy and sophisticated, there is reason for hope. Let's outgroove 'em!" - Stadtzeitung Falter on homo digitalis

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Gregor Aufmesser

Müllnergasse 26/16, 1090 Wien

Tel: +43 664 1818047

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